A guide for everyone to spaCy: from installation to training the model with your own data.

It’s easy to forget how powerful the human brain is. Not only do we understand language, we’ve figured out how to teach computers to understand human language, referred to as Natural Language — and make it easy for anyone to use NLP. It’s all around us now. If you use a computer or smartphone today, you’ve probably taken advantage of machine translation, sentence generation, and error correction.

People have even made it easier for normal users to look behind the curtain and watch the magic happen. Stick around even if you don’t know programming. Trust me, you won’t need it.

A Young Feminist’s Message

In the last week, private group chats called ‘Locker Rooms’ were exposed on social media. As the news spread, multiple Instagram posts and stories spread condemning ‘Locker Room Talk’, the perpetrators and the bystanders.

While there has been endless discourse about perpetrators, this incident pushed bystanders into the spotlight. Suddenly, being a passive participant didn’t dissolve your role in the issue.

I can almost hear the chorus of “Stand up for what is right!”, “Fight the culture!”, “At least walk away”, and a finale of “If you are a bystander, you are part of the problem.”

Initially, I was overjoyed…

Aradhita Bhandari

Student, Coder, Writer.

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